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$50 per hour Starting at $125/person/day  $700 per month
$150 per half day with a minimum of 5 riders Includes full board
$200 per day plus all expenses.  

The first lesson in mounted shooting is safe gun handling.  Even though we use black powder blanks, an accidental gun discharge can do serious harm to the rider or the horse.  Knowing how to safely handle a gun is a important first step.

The next step is becoming familiar with the course of fire.  This is done from horse back but without shooting at the balloons.  Once the rider is comfortable with guns and riding the course of fire, it's time to put it together.

The first attempt maybe a little disconcerting.  Here the rider for got to cock her gun.  She is stopping her horse and will give it another try.

A successful run makes you feel very empowered.

This happy lady is from Hungary.  This was her first time on a horse and shooting a gun.  What a story she will have to tell her grandchildren when she gets back home.

Mounted shooting is a family sport.  Here we see the McKee family learning  the fundamentals of cowboy mounted shooting.
Dry Creek Training offers training for new/entry level shooters through experienced level shooters. Bob & Kim have been hosting clinics and lessons at their place nearly every weekend. Contact us any time if you would like to join us or just come and watch to see what the excitement is all about.

Mounted shooting is more than just staying on top of the horse and shooting balloons.  Our goal is to teach you the skills needed to become the best mounted shooter you can be.  We will probably begin by introducing you to the basics of cowboy mounted shooting and gun safety.  We will provide horsemanship instruction aimed at improving your riding and communication skills with your horse, offer corrections to your shooting technique and we will also teach course management skills that will result in your horse taking fewer steps to better place you to make an accurate shot.

How quickly you improve as a mounted shooter will depend upon the amount of time and practice you are willing to devote to the sport.  We have the following
private lesson options.

One hour:  $50 your horse and ammo; $75 our horse and ammo. 

½ day (3-4 hours):  $150 our horse or yours.  We provide ammunition

Full Day (6-7 hours):  $200 our horse or yours.  We provide ammunition.

For a group of at least five people, we can provide a two day clinic either at our arena or at one you provide. While we can be flexible in clinic instruction, based on the skill level of the participants, a clinic will
general provide the following:

  • Gun safety

  • Horsemanship instruction

  • Planning a run to improve performance

  • Improving accuracy and speed. 

  • Exercises designed to improve horse’s athleticism and response time. 

  • Exercises to improve gun changes.

  • Evaluation of types of equipment and recommendations for what will work best for the rider/horse combination.  

Clinics:   $125/person/day with a minimum of 5 riders plus all expenses.

Other Services:

  • Electric: $10/night for trailers at our arena.

  • Horse evaluations as to suitability for mounted shooting: $50

  • Board: $350/month

  • Bridle path or full mane clipping: $25


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