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If you are looking for someone to tune up your horse, ride your horse to keep them in shape, or to train them for a sport, Kim Redo is the person you want to work with. In the last twenty years I have sent many horses to Kim. I have been pleased with the results on ALL of them. I recently sent my 8 year green Quarter Horse to Kim. I wanted a shooting horse, and he supposedly had roping training. I nicknamed him Wobbles because he would not track on the rail. Before she could start working him on shooting, she got him solid on riding basics. He now is an outstanding shooting horse. Kim also roped on him, at home and away.

I am confident when I send her a horse, that they will come back a working horse. Trail, roping, and shooting are just a few of the disciplines that she works on. I know when I send a horse to Kim, that my horse will be well taken care of and they will be ridden. Before I pick my horse up, I ride with her. She helps me get in tune with my horse. After I take my horses home, if I have a question, I just call Kim or bring them over. The training doesn't end the day they come home.

Kim is hard working and will bring out the best in your horse. I know when my horses are at Dry Training training center they are getting the best care and training in the industry. Elaina Damante

I recently was in the market to get my 5 year old Quarter Horse trained in mounted shooting. I am brand new to mounted shooting, but no green horn, having ridden and been around horses most of my 49 years! I live in KY. After my initial google search I found a few mounted shooting folks scattered around the mid west and a few in CA. The closest one in proximity was Bob & Kim Redo in Mountainsburg, Arkansas. They both had quite a pedigree and back ground. Kim had won practically every Mounted Shooting award under the sun. So I send a few emails and we start communicating. In the meantime my 5 year old gets banged up a little and now I'm in the market to buy a horse instead of get one trained. They have a few on hand. So me & my long time traveling partner and best Pal head out to Arkansas to buy a Mounted Shooting Horse. We get there mid morning, exchange pleasantries, talk a little horse and in no time flat they have me on a 14 year old Paint Mare that practically runs the course herself. All I have to do is stay in the middle pop off a few rounds, re-holster and do it again! No B-S here - I ran a clean run on my 1st ever run on one of their horses! I ended up buying that Paint, bringing her back to KY and we are looking forward to our 1st real season in Mounted Shooting. The Paint and I were fast friends as were Bob & Kim. They are straight shooters (no pun intended)! They know how to train, how to ride, and how to shoot. They both have an incredible knowledge of horses and horsemanship as well as a passion for Western Heritage. They are now my friends and my "go to" team for anything mounted shooting or training. Mike Gooch

You can trust whatever Bob or Kim tell you. Their training of horses and riders is absolutely the best.
Buster Sharp, AR

I have known Bob and Kim for 18 years. They helped me find my first roping horse, an older rope horse to help me learn, and work on my horsemanship. Bob and Kim were always there to answer any questions and to help me with my roping and riding.

I recently started mounted shooting. Bob and Kim helped me get my horse used to gun fire, answer questions, and gave tips on running patterns. Kim rode my horse many times to get her started on the patterns and used to the gunfire. I progressed quickly thanks to their knowledge, patience and teaching skills. They let my wife and I use guns holsters and whatever else we need to get started in the sport.

I recommend them to anyone whether you are just starting out riding, shooting, roping, wanting a horse trained, they will do a great job. Kim and Bob took my wife's horse in training. He was not taking to the gunfire at first but they wouldn't give up on him. Now he is doing amazing. My wife is a good rider and now she is shooting better than I am!  
Jim Damante, Arkansas

When you put your heart and soul into something it will show and Kim and Bob Redo's passion for horses is apparent from the moment you meet them.  Their lifelong  love for horses along with their genuine interest in people is a winning combination.  Once you catch their horse fever you will never be the same.  They will take you on a wild ride with them into the world of everything equestrian that will leave you breathless and always wanting more.  Ask our 12 year old son Noah who is being trained to ride and shoot by Kim and Bob Redo.  Noah is learning from them much more than just how to be an expert horseman and accomplished mounted shooter.  He is learning values.  Values such as handwork, courage, determination, confidence and commitment.  He is learning the responsibilities that go along with owning a horse, from learning how to put the tack on and horse safety,  to mucking the stalls and feeding the horses.  When he is finished with his lessons we are confident that he will be fully equipped to handle all aspects of riding.

This same zeal that Kim demonstrates when teaching students to ride can also be seen in the way that she trains her horses.  She is very exacting in her training and demands their respect.  Because of the expert training their horses receive, they are a joy to ride, even for a novice.  Kim holds herself to the highest degree of professionalism with regards to both rider and horse safety and as a result will never make a sale that she does not feel comfortable with.  You can rest assured that if you purchase a horse at Dry Creek Training, it will be a horse that is just the right fit for you.

Whether you are looking to learn to ride, improve your riding skills, purchase a horse, or learn how to become a mounted shooter, look no farther than Dry Creek Training and catch the fever.   
Dan and Annette Hugen


Kim Redo and Bob Redo at Dry Creek Training are the best in the business! What an amazing experience for me last week as a first-time mounted shooter! Their horses are well trained and I felt very comfortable in the saddle even though it's been quite a while for me since I've been on a horse. Kim inspires confidence in her riders that they don't even know they have! She and Bob have also done wonders with my little brother, a 12-year old who, after less than a year of training, will be competing very soon in the mounted shooting circuit!  Heather Wallace (2016)

My husband and I are new to the sport and were looking for a trained horse for Mounted Shooting. We looked online and found Kim and Bob Redo and gave them a call. We looked at the horses they had for sale online and decided to drive from New Mexico to Arkansas to try them out. Kim let us know that even if we wanted a horse of hers there was no way we were leaving with a horse that did not suit us and we couldn't ride. So I knew then they weren't just out for the money. When we arrived they graciously picked us up and took us out to a town they were doing a little shooting skit in and let us watch. We had a lot of fun just watching what they do when they aren't training horses. Then we went to their home where they served us lunch like we were just part of the family and watched a few videos. Kim and Bob talked to us a bit about what we do and what we know about shooting and horses before we actually went to ride. Another couple was also coming to look at horses and I was pleasantly surprised when Kim told me that I called first and drove all the way from New Mexico so I had first choice. That made me feel more confident about my choice. I literally had just gotten my gun belt and guns in and had never worn one or shot off of a horse. Kim and I decided on the horse I wanted to ride and after watching me ride him she wanted me to shoot off of him. It wasn't pretty but she and Bob both gave me a few pointers about what I was doing wrong and it went a little smoother every time. We ended up buying that horse but not until both Kim and I decided that was the perfect horse for me. I am so pleased with my horse and have recently gone to my first shoot and had a great time and didn't place to bad either. I definitely know that if it weren't for Kim and Bob, I wouldn't be riding and shooting as good as I am right now.  Kim always wants to know how I and Magnum are doing and when we bought him, Bob and Kim said we could always come back to their place for anything that needed to be worked on and they would be glad to help at anytime. I am so glad I came across Kim and Bob Redo and Dry Creek Training. I believe we made lifelong friends and I know that if I ever go looking for another horse they will be the place I go to first. Definitely topnotch people and enjoyed every minute of the experience.    Carol Menuey, New Mexico

I've always loved riding horses and knew it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but I wanted a more exciting sport to be involved in with horses. After meeting Bob and Kim, they showed me and my family cowboy mounted shooting and after that I was instantly hooked.

I love having a sport where I can be with my father and grandfather, enjoying what we love together! Bob and Kim can help anyone from you being a first time rider or if you've been riding for your whole life.

Thank y'all for bringing me where I am in riding today and opening up one of my main passions in life. Katelyn Shamblin, AL


From Dad: After we got off the phone I went in the living room and the boys weren't there. I go outside and look in the pasture and Carson and Dawson are riding their horses bareback. I couldn't believe my eyes.
Carson has always refused to ride bareback not to mention, riding without us holding his hand. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! We are so proud of him and thankful for friends like y'all. God bless. 
Jim Bertrand

"Thanks Bob & Kim for matching me to Belle.  I rode one horse for many years and didn't know if I'd find another I enjoyed riding as much.  I've been taking lessons from Bob & Kim in Cowboy Mounted Shooting.  I have found their knowledge of horses and riders to be very helpful.  Thanks so much for  Belle.  Bob - you're my hero!"  Bobby Pixley, Arkansas shooter.





I purchased River AQHA "Hes Talkin Smack" from the Redo's in January as a coming 4 yr old. He has been one of the best horses ever matched with me. The Redo's opened their home to my dad and me for a weekend to come ride and shoot on him. I have since hauled "River" to shoots and many trail rides. This guy is a trooper. Never an off step. I competed on him at our first shoot and we won our class as a level 2. Thank you so much for this awesome horse. You will continually have my business!!!!
Natalie Taber -




They are both straightforward and honest.Their diligence, determination, honesty, kindness, and overall good nature Bob and Kim continuously set an example of trustworthiness and hard work in every aspect of their lives and are more than willing to share the results of their efforts with all they meet. Lauren Crudup

You have had a big influence on us. We are all very grateful for your friendship, and helping us to find FOUR wonderful horses: Gunner, Lil Man, Lakota and Ruger! Our family is extremely thankful for you and your help in getting us started in cowboy mounted shooting, and for helping us find the outstanding horses we have now.
Cheryl Crudup

I've owned and ridden horses most of my life, but never competitively. I am now a senior. When I became interested in CMS, I needed a horse which would help me gain my confidence but still be athletic enough to win, as I developed my CMS skills. We were recommended to Bob & Kim by a number of other riders, several who had purchased horses from her. I explained my concerns and needs to and they evaluated my riding capabilities and after several months, found the right horse for me. But they wouldn't sell the horse to me until we were sure it was the right horse for me. I've owned Cowboy for almost 2 years now and he's exactly what I needed to start & develop my CMS capabilities. I've now won a bunch of times and he and I are a team. Lots of people ask about him and want to buy him. He's not for sale. I don't want to spend another year searching for the right horse. I owe Bob & Kim a lot of thanks for giving me so much enjoyment in my CMS activities, which is about twice monthly. Just ask anyone in CMS who knows Cowboy & me. Bob & Kim get a top notch endorsement. Arlene Williams

I've been riding almost every day since we brought Coosa home.  Fantastic!  Love this mare!  Thanks again!!  Benay

"Bella & I did awesome at Graham, TX.  We won our division on Saturday and divisional Ladies A Class.  Then came back on Sunday and won our class and Overall Champion Cowgirl.  First time ever I didn't have a  miss for an entire match... I love Bella so much.  Thanks again for the great start you and Bob gave her...She is awesome".  Debra Kennimer



"The first mare we purchased from Redo's is a finished shooting horse. I have never ridden such a well-trained horse. Leg cues are wonderful! Again, Kim had to "train me" to ride such an animal. It was very frustrating for me trying to keep it all straight in my head. But, she doesn't give up on you. When it finally clicks, WOW!! "
Cindy Kessler, Alma

"It is very difficult to find the right match when horse shopping. Both my husband and I found our shooting horses at "Dry Creek Training". Bob and Kim Redo take quality horses and match them to your skills. We are very happy with our horses and would highly recommend "Dry Creek Training" ranch. Thanks Bob and Kim!"
Lou and Debbie Ciferni

" As a former mounted ranger, horse breeder, fox hunter, and trainer I have found that random visits to a trainer's facility reveal a lot about about the integrity and ethics of those in the business. As a guest of a friend who has 2 fillies that are Connemara daughters by my Irish Sporthorse stallion, in training with Kim and Bob , I visited Dry Creek and found these very different minded horses being worked and conditioned with expert results. They are well on their way to being made shooting horses and both are looking great. As the result of this experience, I will be taking horses to them in the future. For me, a beginner shooter, the Redos have been as generous with their time and expertise, not to mention patience, as any one could be. Top notch folks all the way."
Nodie Williams  Frayed Knot Farm

"My husband and I have bought 2 horses from the Redo's. They are very nice and down to earth people. You won't find 2 people more dedicated to the horse industry than these 2. Kim is an excellent trainer, both horses and people. If she feels the horse isn't right for you, she will let you know. She also makes sure you and the horse will work as one. She is always willing to help anyone who asks. Don't assume she'll automatically give you advise. That's not her style. But, if you ask for it, be prepared for honesty. If you're going to get anywhere in competition riding a horse, you need the honesty. She's just good. She helped me get my confidence back after a bad accident several years ago and realize "I can do it. Have faith in yourself." The first mare we purchased from Redos is a finished shooting horse. I have never ridden such a well trained horse. Leg cues are wonderful! Again, Kim had to "train me" to ride such an animal. It was very frustrating for me (and Kim too) trying to keep it all straight in my head. But, she doesn't give up on you. When it finally clicks, WOW!! Our second mare we have purchased from the Redos is still in training. I'm really enjoying this one. I like the fact that I can watch her train and learn with the horse. I feel we are truly becoming "one" in the training process.
Bottom line is - you won't find anyone more dedicated to training than Kim Redo. Weather doesn't matter to her. Her heart and soul is in this. This is what she does and with great passion. It shows in her horses. Not only have I found a great trainer and a great sport, also, a great friend. Give her a try, you won't be disappointed. You'll love Bob too. The accomplishments they have done together is unreal. They are family..."

"I have had Kim ride 2 different horses for me and couldn't t be more satisfied with the results." Dave Codgill (OK)

"I attended my first Mounted Shooting clinic with Kim and Bob Redo in May 2013.  The exercises they gave us were very good for teaching us how to lengthen and collect while maintaining bend in our horses. A well rounded horse makes for a smooth shooting course. I look forward to our next session!"  Michelle Hovanek (TX)

"One day after scouring the internet for an affordable mounted shooting horse we came across the Dry Creek Training website owned and operated by Bob and Kim Redo. We phoned Kim to inquire about a horse on their website. Although the horse was no longer available Kim graciously answered questions, and invited us to their place to ride. When we arrived to their home a few weeks later we were greeted with kindness, and enthusiasm. Being new riders, new to the sport, and horse less Kim offered to evaluate our riding skills using their horses in training. To our surprise Bob and Kim did not just stand back and watch. The  evaluation  felt more like a lesson and by the end of the day Kim had us riding and firing on our 1st mounted shooting course ever! From that moment on we were hooked! Bob and Kim are a wealth of horse knowledge, and the beautiful part is they love to share it. Bob and Kim have continued to teach us about horses, and every aspect of riding and shooting. They have not only helped us during training sessions, but offered words of encouragement and advice at the competitions. They have introduced us to numerous fellow shooters and always available to help.
Bob and Kim s friendship has been a huge blessing. They gave us a great start to CMS, a beautiful horse, and continue to provide us with the knowledge we need to improve our skills and overcome any obstacles that stand before us. Thank you Bob and Kim for all the laughs, your hospitality, friendship and helping us become the horse pokes we are today."
Dee and Krista Davis (OK)

We wanted a gun-broke horse for Jim to use during Civil War reenactments so the Crudups recommended Dry Creek Training.  Kim invited us to visit.  Little did we suspect what was in store for us!  We wandered onto Kim and Bob s doorstep as one rank beginner and one rusty intermediate with bad habits.  Nicky had never fired a revolver, let alone firing one from a moving horse.  That combination needs first class training on well-trained horses.  The Redos provided that and more.  The  more  is what sets them apart.  They are honest, straight forward, friendly people who care as much for the riders as they do the horses.  The Redos quickly picked up Nicky s lifelong dream of learning to ride.  Many Dry Creek hours later (in the arena, around the kitchen table, and in Bob's Shop), we remain avid clients and friends.
We never visit Dry Creek feeling as if we are clients and we seldom visit without expanding our ever-growing circle of mounted shooting friends.  We never leave Dry Creek without learning something new.  Jim gets antsy if he does not get a frequent  Bob fix  and our main riding partners wear the Dry Creek brand.  Thank you both for everything.
Jim & Nicky Morris (AR)

My wife and I went to Arkansas looking for a horse and ended up finding life long friends. Bob and Kim let us ride for three days before we even talked about buying a horse. In fact, before we could even talk price they watched us ride and evaluated our riding skills and what we were looking for. What a relief. I can not tell you how many horses we've been through because of our inexperience and typical horses salesman that would sell anything to make a buck.
y the time we left my wife and I became more confident as riders and developed an affection for these horses. We have developed a bond with our horses not to mention an affection for the Redo family that will last forever.  Did I mention we went to look at one and ended up with two? You may think driving that Yugo is just fine but wait till you try a Ferrari. LOL.
If you are new to mounted shooting and even riding, Dry Creek Training is for you. Do yourself a favor and do it right the first time.
God Bless,
James and Christine Bertrand

"Kim and Bob are great to work with. They wouldn't sell me a horse that wasn't perfect for me.  Coosa is fantastic!"  Benay Shannon, MO




From the first time I met Bob and Kim Redo I knew that I had made the right decision in entrusting them to teach me about this great sport of cowboy mounted shooting. Their knowledge of horses and people is what sets them apart. Bob and Kim work together in teaching all aspects of mounted shooting and the horsemanship required to be successful in this sport. I have enjoyed this sport so much that now I have my father and daughter involved in shooting and it has become something we do as a family. I bought two horses from Bob and Kim and couldn't be happier. The Redo's represent their horses with honesty and work hard to match the person with the horse. I had my first qualified win on Flame after traveling to just three shoots. Thanks so much Bob and Kim to introducing me to a sport and a way of life that I will enjoy for many years to come.    Cret Shamblin, AL

My new horse and I went to the Al/Ms Border Wars shoot in Meridian this weekend. I had forgotten what it was like to ride a horse that I felt comfortable on! We didn’t set any records (for now) but we got more comfortable with each other after every run and I managed to shoot clean in the Sunday match!! If you are thinking about looking for a new horse consider Dry Creek Training in Mountainburg Arkansas. Bob and Kim Redo turn out some well trained, level headed horses and you won’t be disappointed!!! Thanks Kim for letting him come down to Cajun Country! Cindy Law Nielsen, LA

When working with Kim and her husband at Dry Creek Training, LLC, I was treated like one of the family. They held my safety and safety of the crew to the utmost highest standards. Their horse placment was excellent. Understanding that I was a rookie, Kim paired me with the horse which would give me maximum performance. They were professional, and gave great attention to detail. I would recommend that if anyone plans on learning how to ride or just enjoy a great group on a ride, Dry Creek Training ,LLC should be your first call. Josiah Overstreet, Actor – Oklahoma City

Mike Courtney: Dry Creek Training, Bob & Kim Redo are truly some of the most helpful people that I know. I met both of them about 3 years ago and wanted to get started in mounted shooting. They invited me to come down to their house to work with me and my horses. Kim wanted me to have a great experience so she had me riding one of their horses while she did some work with Lena (my horse). It was so much fun to learn from them about shooting. Now I have purchased a horse that Kim had trained and she is making a great horse for me. Kim also trained my horse “Belle”. To my surprise, she was shooting off of her right away. Kim and Bob are not just horse trainers, they are people trainers. They are great cheerleaders and want you to be on safe horses and do well. I would recommend them to train you and your horse. I feel that the cost that they charge is very fair for the work they put into your horse.



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